Estate & Tag Sales / Consignment Process:

  1. Free Consultation — Owner Joshua Gonillo will meet with you regarding the services we can provide.
  2. Schedule the dates that work best for your sale.
  3. Specifically tag the items you are interested in selling.
  4. Discuss the charges for our services based on the items you are selling.
  5. We handle all advertising (social media, newspaper, online services, and email lists).
  6. One to four weeks prior to hosting the sale, our staff will start the pricing and tagging process. We provide all the signs, stickers, tables, clothing racks, and any other supplies needed for the sale.
  7. We manage and conduct the sale from beginning to end.
  8. After the sale is over, we can discuss the options for unloading the unsold items.
  9. We are a full service estate liquidation company, so there may be other options you can choose with us.
  10. No checks!  Cash or Credit Cards Accepted.